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Church Mortgage Financing

We offer long term, fixed rate mortgage
loans from $350,000 to $5,000,000.

American Church Mortgage Company, and its affiliate, American Investors Group, Inc., together form one of the most respected and specialized church financing firms in America. Since 1987, we have specialized in mortgage lending for church construction projects, church expansion, purchases, and refinancing of existing debt. We are direct lenders that provide long-term loans at highly competitive interest rates fixed for terms up to 30 years. Our staff works closely with each church to fully understand its leadership's objectives and financial capabilities, and creates flexible financing structures to fit those particular needs. We can work in conjunction with church architects, construction professionals, and capital campaign advisors, to help the church meet all its goals.
Loans over $750,000
Current Loans Interest Rate
20 Year Fixed 6.25%
25 Year Fixed 6.95%
Other flexible rate structures available with rates starting at 6.95%
Loans from
$350,000 to $750,000
Current Loans Interest Rate
20 Year Fixed 7.25%
25 Year Fixed 7.50%
General Conditions
No Pre-Payment Penalties
No Personal Guarantees
No Balloon Payments
No Restrictive Loan Covenants
No Banking Relationships Required
No Application or Loan Commitment Fees

Client Profiles


Atlanta, Georgia
$12,125,000 loan that cut the church’s debt payments in half by consolidating several higher interest rate loans.


Dallas, Texas
$9,365,000 in total loans over 2 years that provided long term financing for construction of a new church campus.

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